Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

new and notable

In less than 1 month Owen will be a year old.  Everyday is a new development.  Here are some of the new(ish) quirks and curiosities:
feeds himself with a spoon (long, messy, arduous) and will not accept help
drinks out of a straw
talks constantly (all babble except for mom, mama, dad and mum-mum for food)
makes the milk sign for nursing
has taken to having milk with his finger foods (ie. one bite of apple, one sip of nursie; ie. apple bits all over mama's chest)
claps his hands
dances to music by waving his right hand up and down
knows some body parts (current fav is eye, ie. poking mom in the eye)
is obsessed with taking caps/ lids off and putting them back on 
also obsessed with taking bathtub plug out and putting it back in 
stands up on his own (but quickly sits back down once he realizes he is not holding onto anything)
points at everything in sight; constantly asking/ demanding definitions from mom and dad
puts stacking rings back on the post, instead of just dumping off
stacks his wooden blocks back up, instead of just knocking down
puts circle into shape sorter (other shapes not so much)
can point out all of his stuffed animals 
points to subjects in books when asked 
will go find books when mom quotes lines from them
LOVES to give his food to the dog (the only time she will give him the time of day)
LOVES to crawl around outside in the dirt and grass and pull up weeds, flowers, etc (as a result has his first set of scrappy knees)

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