Monday, March 7, 2011

this kid

crawls across the floor dragging whatever book he would like you to read next and plunks it down in your lap
when you don't immediately begin reading said book, he proceeds to emphatically grunt and hit you in the face with the book (yes we are working on the fact that hitting is not appropriate behavior)
he does the above over and over for what is, on occasion, hours at a time (with milk breaks, of course; in which case he likes to have the book we are interrupting right up close to him atop my chest)
the other day, for example, I had to divert attention elsewhere after reading every book that he has (40 books total) a minimum of 5 times each.. serious  (i wanted a reader, but this kid is unreal..)

now gives high fives on a regular basis!
does a quiet but definite buh-buk for chicken after I cluck a few times!

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